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The mission of Terralingua is to meet the linguistic needs of companies, international organizations, governments and NGOs in the English>Latin American Spanish pair and English>Standard Spanish pair by offering comprehensive translation services focused on quality, professionalism and reliability.

Terralingua is located in Rosario, Argentina. Specializations offered include: journalism; international organizations and government; IT; health; education; marketing/business and diverse technical areas.

Terralingua works for ISO-9001 certified firms and put emphasis on a deep knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

  Why terralingua?

• We are flexible. We are versatile. We are creative. We find a solution to every challenge we face.
• We are a team of professional linguists with a university degree or higher education degree in language and translation.
• Our location makes our services cost-effective.
• We meet every deadline.
• We work with your software solution.


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